4 Confirmations!

We had 4 confirmations and an incredible miracle this week! You guys remember Lui? He is the son of a less-active that we have been teaching. He had gone to church with us a few times and liked it, but wasn’t ready to make the commitment for baptism. He was having the influence of different friends to attend different churches and thought he might fit in better in a different church. He didn’t know that we were trying to help him enter into the only true church of Christ. He just thought it was another church. We had really been encouraging him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, but he was just never really doing it. Every time we went back, he hadn’t read or prayed.

On Tuesday night we went over to his house to give him, what we thought would be, a last lesson. We conversed for a few minutes and then asked to say a prayer to start the lesson. Right after the prayer, we asked him if this time he had read and prayed. He told us that he finally did and that he wanted to be baptized! We made plans for him to be baptized ‪on Saturday morning and be confirmed on Sunday. Afterwards, we were super happy as we were heading back home and to celebrate we bought a pizza! haha

Our temple trip was awesome on Wednesday. It was good to see a lot of old friends and see how everyone is.

This week we will be working with a lady named Neide. We are helping her quit smoking to be baptized. She loves the church and will need all the help she can get this next week to be baptized. Please keep her in your prayers as well!

Thanks for everything!:)

Love, Elder Olsen and Elder Grover

Elder Grover_2016-06-27 23.23.18

Elder Grover