True Desire

This week was tough. We had 3 firm baptisms planned and they all fell through:(  On a better note, for Zone meeting on Tuesday we gave a sweet training. Lot´s of the zone was losing the focus of baptism, so I thought up a sweet activity to get them excited.

I lit a candle and told them that it resembled their “fire” to baptize; but that it wasn´t enough. I asked them what we needed to make the fire bigger. Someone said we need to put gas in the fire. I grabbed an aerosol cologne spray without them looking and made the fire explode up in flames. All the sisters screamed haha! (We got the point across to everyone). The gas resembled their true desire. Then we told everyone that they have to “eat, drink, and sleep baptism”. We then all ate and drank baptism together. Then gave them a dream bubble for them to put above their pillows to sleep baptism at night haha!
Even though you aren´t a full time missionary, you still need to think of people to baptize!


Elder Olsen


True Desire means Eat, Drink, and Sleep Baptism!