New Area, New Companion

My new companion is Elder Gonzales from Argentina. He is super funny and a hard worker, which is awesome. He was in the area already for one transfer before me. Our new area is pretty big and spread out because it is the interior. There are also less houses and less people in the streets, which makes the work a bit more challenging.

This week we had planned to bring about 25 people to church, but only 5 went. It´s totally normal, though haha. But these 5 people all have baptisimal dates for this next week! Three of them make up a family: Juliano, Lucelia, and their 8 year old daughter Ana Carolina. We are excited to baptize a family!. We are also working with a less active family where not everyone is baptized. Katiely is 11 years old and is firm for her baptism on Sunday as well! The dad of the family also isn´t baptized, but he will need more work to get baptized. The 5th person is Pedro, the boyfriend of a member. They are about 30 years old. The already want to get married and he wants to be baptized as fast as possible so they can be sealed as fast as possible. Converts have to wait one year after the baptism to be sealed in the temple.

It´s super important that we help people be baptized as quick as possible because this life is short and the blessings awaiting them are great!


Elder Olsen

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