Family Complete

So the September service project was cancelled. The area 70 decided it would be better not to have it as a safety precaution.

The rest of the family we have been teaching were baptized yesterday! Josiele, the Mom and Stefanie, the daughter. They were super excited! It was actually very fun because the husband, Ederson, was watching the baptism with their little 3 year old son on his lap. The son was watching his mom very attentively as she was in the water ready to be baptized. As soon as his mom went under the water, he started crying super loud. He thought his mom had disappeared and wouldn´t come back! haha. He watched as his mom came back up out of the water, but even still he kept crying.

Elder Sukhee goes home on October 10! One week from now. Yes, I will most likely continue as an assistant.

Thanks for everything!!!

Love, Elder Olsen