Last P-day in the CTM!

Hey Everyone!

So this week, the Brazil MTC received some Elders from Congo, Africa. They only spoke French and a little English when they got here. They are the first non-English, non-Spanish, or non-Portuguese speakers the MTC has brought in. They were put in our class for a little bit, while they were waiting for their new instructor. I tried to teach them some Portuguese and actually helped out a bit–while learning some French at the same time! They are super energetic Elders who love hanging out with us Americans.

So, there are only 5 Americans left in the MTC; when we got here, there were like 50. It’s crazy! Apparently there are tons of visa waiters at Provo that haven’t gotten visas, yet. They said it might be because Brazil is processing Carnival visas now and they care more about those than missionaries’ visas! haha

Every Sunday we have awesome devotionals, usually broadcasted from Provo. So, we get to hear General Authorities. This past Sunday, we heard M. Russell Ballard. It’s always so good to hear them speak. You go to bed on Sunday night with a spiritual high. I saw my buddy from USU singing in the crowd. haha.  And, literally half of the MTC [in Provo] is Sister missionaries. It’s a cool sight to see. This Sunday I have to get up in front of the entire MTC and bear my testimony in Portuguese. I’m scared. haha. I’ve been practicing a lot, though, so I’ll be good.

Scripture masteries are really helpful to know. I wish I paid more attention in seminary to memorize where they were. haha.  I remember lots of the Book of Mormon ones, though, because I actually paid attention that year. haha

Each week we get to go to the temple; of course, the temple is air-conditioned! I don’t think Heavenly Father would allow us to have to suffer from the heat and humidity to go to the temple. haha.  Every week we also get the opportunity to perform service at the temple, usually just folding laundry, so far; but I hear we may do cleaning or gardening as well, sometime.

After we finish emailing, we’re going to a Churrasco BBQ with our instructor! We went a few weeks ago, too. It was sooo good!  Keep in mind I probably won’t be emailing until two Mondays from now because I think P-day in the field will be on Monday.

I love you guys!!

Elder Olsen