Fasting Works!

One day this past week we fasted with the purpose of finding people to baptize. The next day we became lost, looking for less actives on the member list. A woman saw us and ran to us asking if we were from the “Mormon” church. She said that her 16 year old son always passes in front of the church and has really been wanting to know more about the church. We marked an appointment with them for the next day.

When we got there, we found that it was a family of 3.  A widowed mom named Sandra (who ran up to us the day before), Carlos who is 16, and Alessandra who is 9. We taught the restoration and Carlos accepted to be baptized without hesitation. The family went to church yesterday and loved it and Carlos already wants to serve a mission! Miracles are real and fasting works! We just have to show our faith and works first.

Yesterday we also baptized a girl named Bianca. She was baptized by her husband. They will start to get ready for their temple sealing! Families are forever!


Elder Olsen

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