3 Baptisms, 2 Bites, and a Win!

This week we baptized a family of 3! Sandra and her two children, Carlos and Alessandra.

Here is a picture of the dog that bit me! haha  I went to the doctor and everything is taken care of. The dog was vaccinated so I didn’t need any more shots. When we went back to get more information from the owner, the lady wanted to show us that he was friendly; so, she started to open the gate to let him out, but we quickly shut it hahaha!

We went exploring to two far away cities this week. They are over an hour by bus, but it´s part of our area! We visited some less actives and invited one to return to church! We had a delicious lunch with a member who made his own skillet.

The Brazilian win against Germany in soccer was actually a big defeat for Brazil because Brazil lost to Germany 1-7 in the World Cup. It was their revenge match and they came out on top!


Elder Olsen

Friendly Dog_Itapeninga_8-16-2016_DSC00444

Friendly Dog