Bring them Back to the Fold!

This week we baptized Iasmym, Gabriel, Milena, and Carlos Gustavo. Gabriel is the brother of Luiz Fernando who was baptized last week. Everton, who we baptized 2 weeks ago, received the Priesthood yesterday so he could baptize Gabriel, his friend. Milena and Carlos Gustavo are siblings. Their dad is an inactive member who used to be Branch President in another city. Milena grew up in Primary, but their family went inactive before she was baptized and before Carlos Augusto was born. When she returned to church the first time with us, she felt a strong desire to be baptized and as a consequence her brother wanted to as well. Milena had passed though many hardships in the past including having a kid at 14. She realized that she needs the gospel in her life now. She loves to read the Book of Mormon. Through her example and the example of her brother, hopefully the parents will return to full activity in the church! There are so many lost sheep out there that we need to put on our shoulders and bring back to the fold, just as Jesus would do.

See you in a week!!:)

Love, Elder Olsentatui_11-5-2016_sam_0798